TWU staff member dedicated to educating, empowering student leaders

TWU Director of the 学生领导中心 Lawrencina Mason Oramalu
TWU Director of the 学生领导中心 Lawrencina Mason Oramalu

2月. 3, 2022 -丹顿-德州妇女协会的主任 学生领导中心 Lawrencina Mason Oramalu is on a mission to help all TWU students discover and develop the leader within. 虽然是律师出身, Oramalu的职业生涯一直从事教育工作, and she understands that effective leadership is needed in all industries and at all levels.

奥拉马鲁在堪萨斯城出生长大, 密苏里州, and discovered at an early age that she wanted to have an impact on policies that promoted equity and inclusion, especially after volunteering with her congressional representative’s campaigns while in high school. Studying political science and policy studies at Rice University seemed to be the perfect way to do it.

“当我开始上大学的时候, 我的职业目标是成为一名律师, so political science and policy studies seemed like a great undergraduate degree to prepare me for law school,”她说. “I believed it would prepare me for a position where I could either develop, 评估, implement or enforce policies that protected people’s rights and expanded educational and employment access.”

Oramalu还曾担任莱斯大学黑人学生会主席, which helped her better understand the complexity of diversity and shaped her ideas of leadership.

“我们都理解我们所看到的多样性, 但多样性还有其他层次, 当领导人, 我们需要小心,不要对人做出假设,”她说. “你需要成为你所代表的所有人的领袖, and you need to make an effort to listen to everyone in the organization, even if you do not agree or you do not have the resources or authority to respond to all of their concerns. 作为一个领导者, you have to remain open to learning about others and learning about yourself, 你必须意识到你不是什么都知道.”

Oramalu went on to earn her MA in public affairs from the University of Minnesota, 她在哪里遇到了她的导师, Dr. Samuel L. 迈尔斯,小., an MIT-trained economist who has done extensive research on discrimination and racial disparities. She worked for him as a graduate assistant at the University of Minnesota’s Roy Wilkins Center for Human Relations and Social Justice and in the University’s EEOA Office, where she not only examined disparities but also made recommendations to the agencies and organizations the center worked with.

在威廉米切尔法学院获得法学博士学位后, Oramalu decided to return to the Roy Wilkins Center to serve as associate director, 认为这是她法律之旅的一站. That stop created a lifelong passion for education and a new career path.

“I thought I was just going to be there for a brief time while I looked for a job in the legal or government field, but I ended up staying there and falling in love with working in education,”她说. “我一直热爱学校,认为自己是一个终身学习者, so I love being on a campus and being involved in helping students with their educational journey. 我也相信教育是伟大的均衡器. 每个人都有学习和超越的潜力. 最初, I thought I wanted to be in a position where I was monitoring and enforcing civil rights laws, but then I realized that I did not need to be on the enforcement end to make a difference and that maybe I could also make an impact in education, creating inclusive environments and offering programming that will allow students to fulfill their potential.”

Oramalu also served as the director of multicultural affairs at William Mitchell College of Law; director of equity & diversity for Minneapolis Public Schools; program manager for the National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity (NAPE); and associate dean of educational partnerships for El Centro Community College. 此外,她还创立了 Soar2BMore, 哪一个致力于教育, 赋予人们能力和装备,使他们能够发挥上帝赋予的潜力, 并出版了一本书, Look Up, Step Up, and Soar: Lessons of Hope, Restoration, and Transformation for Life’s Journey.

Oramalu joined TWU in 2021 to serve as director of the 学生领导中心, 哪个是 简·尼尔森女性领导研究所.

Lawrencina Mason Oramalu和CSL遗产领导人主持人

“I wanted to work for a place where I am passionate about the mission and share the organization’s goals and values, TWU和我的观点完全一致,”她说. “Everyone I have met at TWU seems to be genuinely interested in helping the students, 无论感情上, 社会, 学术或专业.”

Through its programs such as leadership development training and scholarships, the 学生领导中心 is preparing student leaders who are able to make a positive impact at TWU, 在当地社区和未来的职业中.

“We want to provide opportunities for students to learn about themselves, 了解别人, 学习新的技能,从他们的经验和错误中学习,”Oramalu说, 在创建新项目时,谁借鉴了自己的经验. “I have definitely had some impactful formal and informal learning experiences that have helped shape my life and career, and we hope to be able to directly or indirectly provide impactful learning experiences for students.”

Oramalu also wants all the students who interact with the center to feel the same sense of support and encouragement she received during her academic and professional career, 她认为,建立伙伴关系是做到这一点的关键.

“我很荣幸能有幸鼓励大家, 教育, empower and equip students with the tools and skills to fulfill their leadership potential,”她说. “我的价值关系, and I strongly believe in building partnerships with individuals and organizations that share my passion and commitment to education, 领导力发展与服务.”

在她的职业生涯, Oramalu has sought to prepare the next generation of leaders and change agents, 同时她自己也是其中一员. Fortunately for TWU, she is continuing that mission, and students are all the better for it.


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